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Inviting future Technologists & Data Scientists 


About TalentNext Program

Our Mission :

Create next generation Technologists & Data Scientists by transforming the academically oriented talent to enterprise ready talent.

Eligibility :

  1. US Citizens, GC Holders, STEM OPT EAD

  2. Relocation to Phoenix during the training and post training job assignment.

How does it work :

  1. The candidates apply to NuncleusTeq career site.

  2. The candidates are jointly interviewed by NucleusTeq & Customers (Wherever applicable).

  3. The Candidates are offered a provisional job & monthly allowance up to $3500/month during the training period.

  4. Training commences for 60 days. (30 Days in-house classroom style + 30 days on the customer premise working on real enterprise projects)

  5. Upon successful completion of training candidates are offered a full time job either by the customer or by NucleusTeq.

  6. Upon acceptance to the program, it is required that the candidates provide at-least a 1 year commitment to Customer & NucleusTeq.

Where to apply :

  1. Go to :

Questions :

Send your queries to and our talent team will get in touch with you.