Our Services


Big Data Engineering & Data-Lake as a service (On Prem & Cloud)

Transform your legacy systems to big-data enabled platforms within 7-8 weeks.

We bring extensive On-Prem, AWS, Azure, & GCP experience. Build your use-case ready data lake while maximizing the native platform capabilities.


Cloud Services

Drive business results while minimizing your Opex & maximizing technology innovation through cloud adoption.

We bring extensive cloud Application Development, Migration & DevOps experience to expedite your business outcomes.


Data Science & Analytics (ML, AI & Bots)

Create “Blue Ocean” strategies for your company & customers by offering unique insights through the cutting edge data science & analytics services.

Our experience in Text Mining/NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Image Processing, Recommendations, Anomaly detection will help your business create unique products & revenue models.

Enterprise Automation

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) cell is empowering enterprises to dramatically reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, improve productivity and accelerate performance


Product Development

Revolutionize your organization from project deliveries to “product deliveries” by simultaneously transforming people, process & technologies involved.

We can help transform your organization to an agile, product-centric & cutting-edge technology company.


Talent Acquisition & Training

Identifying the right talent and ability to up-skill is one key attribute of agile enterprises.

We do custom talent acquisition & training to provide your organization the flexibility and agility to deal with the ever-demanding technology & people challenge.