Ashish (Ash) is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience.

He has been championing the digitization of new age enterprises (Including many F100 customers) and consulting in areas such as Enterprise Data Management,Big-Data, Analytics (Data Science, ML, AI), Cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure),Mobility,Blockchain & Automation.

Ash’s few other expertise include Strategic Large Deals , Business and Technology Consulting, Large Account Management and Strategy development, Market analysis and Demand Creation , Global Delivery and People management, Enterprise Architecture,P&L, Innovation, Relationship, Sales & Operations.

Robert is a 30-year IT veteran who learned critical thinking from his engineer father who worked in an industry where mistakes were measured in loss of life. This is the rigorous mindset he wove into every facet of his career.

To fund college, Robert sold and developed software applications that computerized paper-based businesses. After graduation, he joined forces with an ITSM company that challenged him to build a sales and marketing function. Robert dove headfirst into the effort applying the teachings of leading authors. Within a year, he doubled revenues and added several new clients.

Robert has been successful in multi-protocol internetworking, RDBMS, application development, enterprise monitoring, BPM and content management. Fortunate to serve almost 20% of the F1000, Robert continues his work with NucleusTeq, the premier provider of data innovation and delivery.

When not working, you will often find Robert traveling the globe or fabricating a creative design in steel.

Deepti is the global head of NucleusTeq Products & Platforms. As a VP of technologies, she is responsible for navigating NucleusTeq employee’s & customer’s  through their digital transformation journey. She is a veteran in the IT Industry with over 24 years of experience. She consults Fortune 100 companies in the areas of Cloud, Enterprise data, Analytics, ML & AI, Full-Stack, Mobility & Automation. She leads our technology partnership with various cloud and data platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, Databricks, Snowflake etc.

Deepti is also the chief architect of the NucleusTeq product Fyndr that is transforming the campaign management & payments industry.

As a Talent Acquisition & Human Empowerment Lead, Ankita is responsible for creating unique experiences for our employees and customers. She is an expert in areas such as employee life cycle management, HR administration and organizational development. Ankita has worked for various industries including E-commerce, retail, marketing and financial services. In addition to talent & human empowerment, she also supports the branding & marketing activities for NucleusTeq platforms & products.

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