Travel and Hospitality Sentiment Analysis of preferred customers for major US airline

The Challenge

  • Identify the sentiment & Change the way customers perceive the airline, both in domestic and international sectors.
  • Sentiments captured from Facebook, Twitter, Email Support, Call Center Support, Website, Travel Booking sites, etc.
  • Connect all together to derive relevance w.r.t. passenger, travel dates, times, sectors, planes, staff etc.

NucleusTeq Solution

  • Performed aspect-based sentiment analysis and identified potential areas of improvement
  • Worked on linkage with other datasets to identify the root causes of the problem and suggest system improvement changes
  • Provide high level recommendations based on past actions taken

Benefits Realized

  • More than 80% accuracy in identifying the relevant sentiments that impacted the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Effectively provide recommendations to provide recommended action for specific cases.

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