Communication Media & Technology Realtime anomaly detection & network monitoring for major telecommunications company in USA.

About the customer – Customer is one of the major telecommunications companies in USA

The Challenge

  • Detect router issues, tower failure & call drops in real-time
  • Identify and route the traffic to another (working) infrastructure.
  • Improve customer experience
  • Feedback loop to customer and link it with marketing

NucleusTeq Solution

  • NucleusTeq created an end-to-end pipeline where the network data is ingested, transformed and dynamically analyzed via Machine Learning Algorithms to identify anomalies and sent to appropriate channel for further action
  • Real-time routing and monitoring of the network.

Benefits Realized

  • Unsupervised algorithm dynamically updates itself and identifies anomalies. Thus, it always considers the latest dynamics of the environment
  • Real-time monitoring & optimization of the infrastructure
  • Enhanced customer experience

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