Big Data Advisory and Engineering End-to-End Data Lake Setup & Migration of Netezza reporting platform to Azure for a Major retailer

Customer Challenge

  • Lack of centralization, standardization and self-service of the enterprise data leading to higher time to market, costs & redundancies
  • Point to Point Integrations leading to significant cost, lack of governance, data quality & missing single version of “truth”

NucleusTeq Solution Approach

  • Centralized, Standardized & Certified Data for Consistency
  • Democratize Data through self-service API’s while eliminating redundancy
  • Ensuring compliance to Enterprise data security guidelines
  • Maximize application/data Reusability & Globalization

Solution Architecture

Outcomes Delivered

  • Data Lake on Azure
  • Comprehensive Metadata Management , Security & Governance
  • Self Service Data Management Portal
  • Single source of truth
  • Data integrity & quality with financial B&C
  • Eliminated redundancy by 40%
  • Reduced IT Infra Cost by 52%
  • Reduced project cost by 45%
  • Expedited project delivery by 20% by leveraging Offshore
  • 16 SORs
  • 100 TB Data migrated
  • Customer & Services BUs
  • 3+ M in operations savings per year
  • 50% more customer retention & repeat business expected
  • 12-15% increase in Offers based sales

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