Enterprise Automation Back Office RPA Solution for American Multinational investment

Back Office RPA Solution for American Multinational investment bank and financial services company, also Big 4 Bank with around 10.73% of American bank deposits

Customer Challenge

  • Higher waiting time for Mortgage Processing
  • Mandate to reduce errors and paper work in the process
  • Highly manual process, with redundant and repetitive steps
  • Mandate to Improve Customer Satisfaction Rating

NucleusTeq Solution Approach

  • Through RPA, the manual & repetitive entries in application processing were automated
  • The paper work was digitized through OCR, easier online application & verification, faster underwriting and escalation processing; and reduced process time to a competitive 1 minute from 2 hours approvals
  • Process Transformation through Digitization and Process Improvement efforts led to reduced errors

Outcomes Delivered

  • AHT improved by a record 35%
  • Errors reduced to 0.005%
  • Increased loan origination revenue by $12 Million
  • AHT reductions and over 25% increased online applications in 2018
  • Strongest consumer score in the bank’s history

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