Salesforce CRM and ERP 30% increase in leads for leading credit card firm using Salesforce lightning

About the customer – Customer is one of the top credit card company

Customer Challenge

  • Fragmented marketing initiatives leading to high cost and low conversion rates.
  • Missing close loop feedback to assess the efficacy of the marketing initiatives and campaigns
  • Multiple channels and platforms leading to duplication and significantly high cost

NucleusTeq Solution Approach

  • Designed the unified marketing journey for the enterprise
  • Insights & Machine learning driven inputs feeding to the campaigns that led to much higher qualified leads
  • Decommissioning of the duplicate systems and migration of the capabilities to a global platform
  • Comprehensive architecture & implementation on salesforce lightning platform

Outcomes Delivered

  • 30% increase in the sales leads
  • 18% increase in deal revenues
  • 5X faster workflow development for new customer journeys
  • Unified global platform through Salesforce lightning cloud


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